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Poo Choi Kru Joey

My name is Joey and I have over 15 years of Muay Thai under the tutelage of Kru Yai Gerald. I started Muay Thai in an effort to learn how to defend myself and get in shape.

At the time I joined Muay Thai, I was coming from playing “semi-pro” football, rec soccer and rec hockey, along with a passion for coaching youth rep football for over 20 years.

I took to Muay Thai with such a passion, that I was able to juggle my coaching and hockey until the pandemic hit, to which I refocused all my efforts to Muay Thai, helping to train and teach. I have been teaching since and continue to gain valuable knowledge by being a student and teacher at the same time.

Along with training with our competitive team, I was able to commit to my physical health as well and gain the confidence to compete even at my age. To me, there is something to be said about anyone who steps in the ring, no matter what age they get there. That’s why I continue to train.

I continue to teach because I like “paying it forward”. During my first few years of training, I found that my instructors cared and implemented a sense of community that really made me and other students feel very comfortable. It is because of those first few years that I want the students I teach to receive the same experience.