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Guide to your First Class

At Mississauga Baan Muay Thai, we pride ourselves in our programs and our community.

We look forward to beginners walking through our doors as we can help them learn the martial arts in a fun and inclusive environment. Whether your goal is to immerse yourself in solely in Muay Thai or on your own fitness goals (losing weight, toning or strength training), we are here to guide you through it in a safe and challenging way.

Below is what you need to know before stepping into your first class:




We have all been through it – showing up to class and looking around already feeling intimidated because it looks too intense or you just don’t know what to do. That you need to already “be in shape” to enjoy class but that is far from the truth.

Our beginners class is for EVERYONE willing and excited to learn!

We will teach you the proper technique and equip you with the knowledge to put the two together- further building yourself up and closer to your goals!

We were ALL beginners at one point, we get it.
The only way to get better is to start now.